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Squadron News

Congratulations to our Color Guard!

The Pines-Miramar Composite Squadron cadets finished in 2nd place at this years 2017 National Cadet Competition. 1st place was awarded to the Muniz ANGB Cadet Squadron from Puerto Rico, also representing the Southeast Region.


The 2017 competition was held at Wright State University near Dayton, Ohio, and culminated on July 3, 2017. In all, 96 cadets (16 teams) from 12 wings in all eight CAP regions competed for three days in the prestigious and drill event, which originated 70 years ago. Judges included members of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Honor Guard, as well as CAP officers and cadets.

The cadets from the Pines-Miramar Composite Squadron earned the right to compete by winning local, wing and regional competitions. In front of special guests that included senior U.S. Air Force and CAP personnel, they competed on six-member teams, demonstrating skills in events that involved precision and teamwork – indoor and outdoor color guard challenges, a written test of leadership and aerospace knowledge, a physical fitness test, team leadership problems (group problem-solving challenges), public speaking, jeopardy, robotics and uniform inspection.

The members of the color guard team were:

• Cadet 2nd Lt. Jason A. Cain
• Cadet 2nd Lt. Adam H. Cohen
• Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Michael C. Lambert
• Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Kyle T. Metts
• Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Diego A. Ochoa
• Cadet Staff Sgt. Crystal R. Giron

The cadets from the squadron also received Individual awards for competing in several categories, including: Indoor Drill, Jeopardy, Public Speaking, Robotics and Physical Fitness.

June 2017

Written By Capt. Gabriel Parra,

Public Affairs Officer, Group VI, FLWG

Congratulations to Luke Kilianski!

Cadet Captain Luke Kilianski has been accepted into the United States Air Force Academy's Class of 2021. 


This is an enormous accomplishment as only 2% of applicants are accepted out of 10,000 + students that apply each year. He has worked for years to build his resume. We are so proud of him! What a bright future he has prepared himself for.



Southeast Regional Color Guard Competition 1st Place for Pines-Miramar! 

The Pines-Miramar squadron earned the honor of competing at regionals. They continued onward to win 1st place at the Regional competitions on March 10th-12th 2017 against winning teams from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Puerto Rico. The competition included physical fitness tests, indoor and outdoor presentations of the colors, uniform inspections, team problem solving, and written tests based on aerospace, team leadership, uniform and related materials.

Congratulations to the following cadets for representing the squadron at the competition at Patrick AFB:


  • Cadet 1st Lieutenant Conrad Awve (WBHS)

  • Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Jason Cain (EHS)

  • Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Adam Cohen (EHS)

  • Cadet Master Sergeant Kyle Metts (WBHS)

  • Cadet Technical Sergeant Diego Ochoa (PPFA)

  • Cadet Senior Airman Crystal Giron (AMHS)

  • Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Michael Lambert (AMHS)


They will now represent our region at the National Cadet Competition in June at Dayton, Ohio. The second team to represent our region is Puerto Rico. Congratulations to them as well.

March 2017

Special Acts Selection Boards 2017

Congratulations to the following cadets for getting "green lighted" and this year's Florida Wing Special Activities Selection Boards: 

  • Cadet 1st Lieutenant Conrad Awve (WBHS)

  • Cadet Senior Airman Crystal Giron (AMHS)


This means that they are able to attend the summer activity that was first on their application.


Pines-Miramar was well represented this year by ten of our ambitious cadets: Powers, Giron, Ross-Walton, Awve, Cohen, Cain, Machin, Metts, Ochoa & Lambert. Thank you!

January 2017

Florida Wing Cadet Competition 1st Place for Pines-Miramar! 

Congratulations to the following cadets for representing the squadron in February 2017. 

Cain, Lambert, Metts, Ochoa, Cohen & Machin.


They will now represent Florida Wing at Southeast Regional Competition on March 11th. The second team to represent Florida is Wesley Chapel from the Tampa area. Congratulations to them as well.

January 2017

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