Cadet Honor Society / Academy

The Cadet Honor Academy prepares cadets to serve on color guards and honor guards while simultaneously furthering their individual character development. Cadet Honor Academies are hosted by Regions and may be conducted as a "weekend" activity.


The Florida Wing Cadet Honor Society was created in 1998 as part of the vision of then Chief of Staff, Lt Col Matthew Sharkey (Later Florida Wing, then Southeast Region Commander).  It is a program designed to recognize cadets who have excelled in CAP academics and achievement.


The purpose of this Honor Society is to help cadets gain academic recognition and credit for educational and scholarship purposes.  It is a great achievement to be recorded on high school or college resumes, and squadrons are highly encouraged to promote this in their cadet programs. For more detailed information, download CAPR 52-16 Supplement 1, Cadet Programs Management.

Criteria for Induction

Score a 90% or above per achievement or milestone, which will be the average of both Aerospace and Leadership tests for Achievements 2 through 7.  Note that Achievement 1 and milestone tests will stand by themselves and only the leadership tests will be used for achievements 8 through 16.  Aerospace Education tests for Achievements 8-16 are open book and will not be counted.

Maintain this average over a consecutive three-achievement/milestone span, with no time frame.
The score will be calculated based on the first passing score of the test.  The cadet will be a member in good standing.


Application Process

Complete FLWG Form 501,  Cadet Honor Society Inductee Application
Submit information to:   *UPDATED

Cadets that earn this honor, will be eligible to wear a blue/yellow shoulder cord when certification has been completed by wing cadet programs.

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